The Best Little Hair House in Pittsburgh



Our Mission

 All color and haircuts are guaranteed!! If you are not 100% satisfied we will redo your style! Please let Missy know within 7 days and it will be fixed. Exclusions are hair extensions and "change of mind" ie: I thought I wanted black hair and now I don't like it, I thought I wanted 1/2 inch off ...I just found a new style and I want 4 inches off  etc ...etc.. No cash refund will be given.


The bottom line? Our goal is to provide a "QUALITY" and "AFFORDABLE" Full-Service Hair salon option the entire family can utilize! Too many of the new salon franchise's have rules and regulations of "who" and "what" you can get done! The price is right..but some only cater to men, some prefer haircuts "only", some do color other's do not!! Its crazy! Why can't everyone go to one place for ALL of their hair care needs! Why not be able to catch a Tan while I'm waiting?? Even better! Almost everything under one roof at a price you can afford! Thats what we are about!

No Appoinments are ever necessary! EVER! All of our customers have a choice to just walk-in,  make an appointment, or call ahead. (Note: clients with appoinments are serviced before walk-ins) So if your in a hurry at least call ahead to save a spot!   

We don't serve wine and caviar!! And we don't have Betoven playing on our stereo! This is a Salon Not one of those cheesy Spas! But If we did.... the prices would be much HIGHER! fyi! Save your $ and go buy your own wine! 

Our Stylists are friendly and willing to help! Not snotty or stuffy! (They are talented regular people encouraged to express their individual creativity! You will be greeted with a "Hello, or Hi how ya doing? Rather than some "Robotic" sales pitch asking you for everything except your social security number before you can even get a cut!! 

Our menu is Ala'cart so you only pay for what you want not what you have to get!

If you've never been to our Salon I encourage you to stop by and give us a try!

If you are one of our many loyal customers I appreciate you taking the time to stop by our site and check it out! We really do APPRECIATE your business!!

The Owner