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Fusion Hair Extensions and Keratin Hair Smoothing/ Straightening

Fusion hair Extensions

If you're looking for a long-lasting hair extensions that looks natural, then fusion hair extensions are perfect for you.

Fusion hair extensions are perfect for people who feel uncomfortable with readymade hairs that has been clipped on. This procedure is also ideal for people who are afraid that their hair extensions might fall out.

Fusion hair extensions are the most preferred type of extensions because it could last up to four to six months when applied by a professional and when maintained properly. The best thing about hair extensions using fusion is that the extensions are impossible to tell apart from your natural hair type.

As the name suggests, fusion hair extensions are attached to your hair by undergoing a process called "fusion bonding". This method works by "fusing" the extensions with keratin proteins from your natural hair - strand by strand. The hair strands are then attached to the roots of your hair using a keratin bonding glue, which is designed specifically for fusion hair extensions. We only use the highest quality human hair bought straight  fom the supplier! The quality of hair makes a huge difference see for yourself!!  This is not the stuff for sale all over the internet!!

We only use 100% REMY human hair!

EXTENSION PRICES: $4.00-$5.70 PER  EXTENSION. INCLUDES INSTALLATION AND HAIR. The Best quality and prices in Pittsburgh! Guaranteed!

Typical amount of hair ranges from 40- 90 pieces depending on look desired. Total cost ranges from $300 - $800 depending on what you are doing with them etc. PLEASE CALL FOR FREE CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT!! WE CAN NOT GIVE EXACT QUOTES OVER THE PHONE TY!!

All hair is custom ordered just for you!! We match your hair color  with the extension color  to get a more accurate color match!! We have access to a wide range of colors including highlighted and ombre colors!!  Our goal is that no one but YOU will know you have hair extensions!!

The quality of hair we use is exceptional!! It is the best hair available on the market today! It is thicker, healthier and each piece is larger ~ so less extensions are needed! It looks better and saves you $$ 

We can NOT give an exact quote over the phone without "Seeing" your hair first!! Please call for a free extension consultation. Competitor's please do not call and ask what brand we use and where to buy them. The owner only has that information 

Pictures of long Extensions below:.


Keratin Smoothing Treatments 

Keratin Smoothing is the next generation in straightening and texture control. There are two different options to choose from.Permanent and temporary.The first option will reduce frizz, volume and bulk and straighten the hair permanently. It will only require root touch ups.  It leaves the hair smoother, straight and more manageable. This is the ideal service for someone who would like to straighten the hair permanently.  The second option is "Keratin Smoothing treatment. They will not make the hair poker straight, they will reduce frizz and curl temporarily , time line below, and make the hair dry faster and add shine and volume. One draw back to most of the keratin smoothing treatments on the market is the three day waiting period before you can wash your hair. We do have one service that can be washed same day Brazillian Blowout (below) And we are certified to perform this treatment.

  Helpful hint: Ideally we like to do the service directly after a color service it helps the lock in the color, prevent fading and add incredible shine and volume! 

Please read!! It is mportant you use the correct "after care" products!! Please ask your stylist what you can/can not use on your hair to extend the life of your keratin service! Using the wrong products can and will strip the keratin out much faster which is putting $$$ down the drain! 

Will last up too:

 "Brazillian Blowout" lasts up to three months and can be washed same day immediatly following service!

Full head $150.00 root touch up $85


Permanent keratin straightening:

$150 (Price depending on length of hair)

Retouch: $85