The Best Little Hair House in Pittsburgh



Tips and FAQ

This page is designed to help you get the most out of your Haircut experience!

1) If getting an entirley different style or color make sure you give yourself as well as your stylist ENOUGH time! Many times a client will walk-in (no appoinment) and want a totally different style without a picture or any idea of what they want to do. Many times they will also be in a hurry and have only 20-30 minutes for this transformation! The best thing to do especially if you are in a hurry is "MAKE AN APPOINMENT!" Let them know when you make your appoinment that you are not sure what you are going to do~ This way we can book enough time to discuss your style with you!Also You may want to at least book a cut and blowdry this way we can show you how to style your hair yourself! Its all fine and dandy when "we" do it, But it is very important to us that you be able to manage and enjoy your style~weeks after you were here!

2) PICTURES,PICTURES,PICTURES! I am not sure who came up with the "URBAN LEGEND" That we do NOT like pictures! That is one of the most untrue statements! We LOVE it when you bring in a picture! A picture speaks a thousand words! Look on-line or in magazines and bring as many as you like in! We also have many hairstyle magazines and books at the shop! Make sure you come in a little early)if you have an appointment and take a look through our books ! 

3) Ask Questions! If you are not sure how to style your hair or which products you should use by all means ASK! We will be more than happy to give advise thats what we are here for!

4)Do not try and use "hair stylist" lingo! Many times a client will use words like ex: tapered,thinned ,wedge,shag,feathered,clippered,high and tight  ~ Which is fine! However 9-10 times out of ten they use the term wrong and this small mistake can leave you with A haircut nothing like you originally came in for just by using these terms incorrectly! BRING A PICTURE INSTEAD!

5) When choosing a picture take into account how much time you have everyday to fix you hair.  If you have naturally curly hair and pick "straight" styles you may have to spend extra time with a flat iron in the morning and vice~versa!   





1)Are there cats in the salon? Yes we do have 2 mascots ~ Oscar and Felix ~ and every once in awhile there could be a third free loader loafing around

2) Why are the prices so low? Well if you would like to pay more we will gladly accept!! Please let your stylist know you are interested in donating more money to our cause

3) If the prices are low that must mean you are incompitent? No we are not please read the (stylist bio page) : CLICK HERE

4) Do I need an appointmet? No you do not ~ however if you dont like to wait or are in a hurry its a good idea to call ahead or have an appointment even if you call a couple hours ahead 

5) What kind of tanning bed do you have? We have one please click here for more info 

6) Do you take expired coupons? No we do not however we will take ANY other Salons Coupons at anytime!

7) What time are you open till? Really? Its all over this site 

8) Do you cut men? Yes ALL OF THE TIME!! And yes we know our way around a pair of clippers!

9) Do you groom dogs?? No but we should because the charge ALOT more than we do

10) Do you do childrens cuts? As long as they Behave!